Shotgun Integrates Perforce, Unifies Production Management for Game Studios
March 20, 2014

Shotgun Integrates Perforce, Unifies Production Management for Game Studios

LOS ANGELES — Shotgun, developer of secure, efficient production management and review software, has integrated its pipeline tools with Perforce to speed game development by streamlining team collaboration.
The solution provides game studios with a cohesive art and asset pipeline that links tracking, scheduling, publishing, review, and more with Perforce source control, directly from within the tools artists use every day.

Shotgun/Perforce integration is a free software update to Shotgun’s Pipeline Toolkit for all clients. Built on Shotgun’s open platform, it can be easily modified and customized to meet any team’s requirements.

Shotgun/Perforce integration features an artist-friendly UI, the ability to connect data and tasks and an automatic project update feed, streamlining process for everyone on the project. Artists can check assets in and out of Perforce directly from within Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, and other top tools using Shotgun’s artist-friendly user interface without leaving their creative applications. Managers can easily connect art-tracking data, such as character art lists and tasks, directly to Perforce check-ins in each asset’s update stream, to keep teams apprised of latest versions. 

In addition, pipeline engineers can leverage the library of Shotgun Toolkit applications to customize, extend, and build eartist tools. Shotgun provides frameworks to handle Perforce interaction so engineers don’t have to start from scratch. 

Perforce integration for Shotgun was in private beta and became available as a public beta during the Game Developers Conference. Learn more and see a video tour here: .