Sculpteo Enables Direct 3D Printing from Autodesk Meshmixer
July 29, 2014

Sculpteo Enables Direct 3D Printing from Autodesk Meshmixer

SAN FRANCISCO – 3D creators using Sculpteo will now be able to leverage Autodesk Meshmixer as a 3D printing center for their 3D files.

Autodesk Meshmixer is a free tool that makes it easier for users to modify, mashup, remix, and repair design files for 3D printing.

Users of the previous Meshmixer version were already familiar with the 3D printing capabilities of the application, and this direct-to-print feature has now been extended to online 3D services, letting users directly print their 3D models with Sculpteo. Users can now import any of their 3D files to sculpt them, change their surface, add color, and order 3D prints from within the interface. 

The steps are simple: open your file, prep it for print, upload via Sculpteo API, checkout, and wait a few days until the print is delivered.

Like the previous version, this new release of Meshmixer includes tools to ensure that the print is fine-tuned. Users can select predefined shapes or create new 3D models from a previous model sculpted with different tools. The Make Solid tool ensures that the model can be printed without geometry issues. 

Sculpteo was the first 3D printing service integrated by Autodesk for the 123D apps family, beginning with 123D Creature.