Scientific and Technical Achievements Being Considered for 2014 Academy Awards
August 18, 2014

Scientific and Technical Achievements Being Considered for 2014 Academy Awards

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — The Scientific and Technical Awards Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that 21 scientific and technical achievements, 16 distinct investigations, have been selected for further awards consideration.
The list is made public to allow individuals and companies with similar devices or claims of prior art the opportunity to submit achievements for review.

The deadline to submit additional entries is Tuesday, August 26, at 11:59 p.m. PT.

The committee has selected the following technologies for further consideration:
Portable, remote-controlled telescoping camera columns Prompted by MAT-TOWERCAM TWIN PEEK (MAT - Mad About Technology)

Drivable, high-speed vehicle platforms Prompted by THE BISCUIT JR. (Allan Padelford Camera Cars)

Neutral density filters that remove infrared contamination Prompted by INFRARED NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER TECHNOLOGY (Tiffen Company)

Lightweight, prime lens sets for high-resolution cameras Prompted by LEICA SUMMILUX-C PRIME LENS SERIES (CW Sonderoptic) 

Optical audio transfer processes Prompted by CHACE OPTICAL SOUND PROCESSOR (Deluxe)

Enabling technology of digital cinema projectors Prompted by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS DLP CINEMA TECHNOLOGY (Texas Instruments)

Interactive blend shape modeling and manufacturing Prompted by LAIKA RAPID PROTOTYPING AND FACIAL ANIMATION TECHNOLOGY (LAIKA, Inc.) and ILM SHAPE SCULPTING SYSTEM (ILM) 

Measurement toolsets for quality control of cinematic experience Prompted by LSS-100P (Ultra-Stereo Labs) 

Displays providing suitable visual reference for feature film review Prompted by SONY TRIMASTER EL ORGANIC LIGHT EMITTING DIODE PICTURE MONITORS (Sony Pictures Imageworks)

Collaborative, enhanceable image playback and review systems Prompted by RV MEDIA PLAYER (Tweak Software) 

High-resolution motion capture techniques for deforming objects Prompted by MOVA (MOVA) and GEOMETRY TRACKER (ILM) 

Systems for interactive grooming and direct-manipulation of digital hair Prompted by BARBERSHOP (Weta Digital) 

Systems for placing, grooming and resolving collisions of digital feathers Prompted by DREAMWORKS FEATHER SYSTEM (DreamWorks Animation) 

Systems for modeling, animation and rendering of digital vegetation Prompted by SPEEDTREE (IDV)

Digital technologies for high-density physical destruction simulation Prompted by DROP DESTRUCTION TOOLKIT (Digital Domain) and FINITE ELEMENT DESTRUCTION MODELING (UC Berkeley) and ODIN - UNIFIED HPC MULTI-PHYSICS SIMULATION PLATFORM (Weta Digital)

Efficient volumetric data formats Prompted by FIELD 3D (Sony Pictures Imageworks) and VDB: HIGH-RESOLUTION SPARSE VOLUMES WITH DYNAMIC TOPOLOGY (DreamWorks Animation) 

After thorough investigations are conducted in each of the technology categories, the committee will meet in early December to vote on recommendations to the Academy’s Board of Governors, which will make the final awards decisions.

The 2014 Scientific and Technical Awards will be presented on Saturday, February 7, 2015.
Claims of prior art or similar technology must be submitted on the Academy’s website at