Safe Harbor Introduces TriCaster Replay Controller
December 17, 2014

Safe Harbor Introduces TriCaster Replay Controller

MILWAUKEE –   Safe Harbor Computers has introduced RPM-24, a 24-key USB controller unit for NewTek TriCaster that provides one channel of instant replay video for live sports productions.

Many schools and local sports teams are benefitting from the powerful live video production features of TriCaster hardware, but lack the ability to create quality instant replays as seen on major sports broadcasts. RPM-24 brings advanced instant replay control within reach of practically any sports video producer and offers features such as bi-directional slow-motion and frame-by-frame playback, with digital zoom allowing the operator to expand the on-screen action.

“With RPM-24, we’ve provided a solution to the replay needs of many small-market sports teams that use TriCaster, which includes a lot of high school and college programs. We saw a need for an instant replay controller which offered high-end results, while also providing ease of use,” according to Jeff Pulera of Safe Harbor, engineer of the RPM-24 system. “The RPM-24 unit gives more control to the Replay Operator, yet the simple operation allows one-person crews to easily integrate replays into their workflow as well. One button captures the replay clip, while another initiates a completely automated replay sequence using our unique Replay Pro Macro commands – what could be easier? Of course, the operator can take manual control at any time for video clip analysis, with complete control of all playback attributes.”

View a brief RPM-24 video overview here:

RPM-24 is available exclusively from Safe Harbor Computers for $995 and includes the customized back-lit 24-key controller unit with 1.4m USB cable, Replay Pro Macro software, and installation/instruction guide. USB extension adapters are available at $99.95 allowing up to 150 feet of working distance (using your CAT-5 cabling).