Partnership Results in CineSync, ftrack Integration
December 26, 2014

Partnership Results in CineSync, ftrack Integration

GLENSIDE, AUSTRALIA - Cospective, creator of cineSync, a solution for remote review and approval, has announced a new integration between cineSync and ftrack, a project management and collaboration platform for creatives.
Earlier this month, ftrack released V3 of the creative project management platform, with substantial enhancements of its workflow tools and additions to aid multi-location/remote team working. As part of the update, ftrack V3 allows for comprehensive integrations through the new ftrack Connect API.
Using ftrack Connect, cineSync now integrates deeply with ftrack, allowing ftrack customers to launch reviews directly in cineSync.

Integration features
■ Any clips or stills for review in ftrack can be opened in cineSync through the Actions menu
■ Media is transferred automatically from ftrack to the cineSync review session, for both the session owner and guests.
■ Once the review has been completed in cineSync, all notes, drawings and saved frames can be exported back to ftrack with a single click
■ Because the export is entirely automated, there’s no requirement to transcribe notes or copy frames back into ftrack, saving time and eliminating errors.
■ Once back in ftrack, the notes and saved frames can be easily linked back to the original versions, so all cineSync review information is retained in the correct location.