OptiTrack Adds Two Mocap Cameras to Prime Series
April 1, 2014

OptiTrack Adds Two Mocap Cameras to Prime Series

CORVALLIS, OR – OptiTrack has announced a pair of additions to its premier line of motion capture and tracking cameras: the Prime 13 and Prime 13W, which publicly debuted recently at the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Offering 40-foot tracking range, 1.3 megapixel (MP) resolution, and 240 FPS capture rate, the Prime 13 is ideal for medium-sized motion tracking applications that require a blend of performance and affordability. The Prime 13W is an ultra-wide FOV variant specifically tuned for tracking almost every inch of smaller spaces, such as CAVEs, power walls, HMD environments, gait labs, and other compact installations.

Both models are equipped with signature Prime Series features, including industry-leading 3D precision, scalable Ethernet interface, fully infrared (IR) illumination, synchronized reference video mode with 3D overlay, an on-camera status indicator and Aim Assist technology for single user setup.

Key features and specs include:

  • Prime 13: 56° × 45° FOV and 40’ range to marker
  • Prime 13W: expansive 82° × 70° FOV, for exceptional coverage in compact setup areas
  • 1.3 MP imager for 3D precision of 0.5mm at long ranges and 0.2mm in close proximity
  • 240 FPS capture rate with global shutter for accurately capturing fast-moving objects
  • Discreet 2.7” × 2.7” form factor and invisible 850nm IR
  • Filter Switcher technology for alternating between IR and visible spectrum with a single mouse click
  • Real-time MJPEG compression enables numerous cameras to operate in reference video mode, simultaneously
  • On-camera RGB status indicator, for monitoring system health and activity
  • Compatibility with S250e, Prime 41, and Prime 17W cameras, for expanding existing OptiTrack systems
  • Genlock, SMPTE Time Code and external sync when used alongside the eSync
  • Direct camera access for OEM integration via free Camera SDK

Now available for $1,999 and $2,299 respectively, the Prime 13 and Prime 13W join the Prime 41 and Prime 17W in OptiTrack’s Prime Series of cameras.