Next Limit Introduces RealFlow RenderKit 2014
December 23, 2014

Next Limit Introduces RealFlow RenderKit 2014

Next Limit has released the RealFlow RenderKit 2014, available free to everyone.
The RealFlow RenderKit 2014 is a set of tools to facilitate the task of rendering fluids. It creates meshes directly at render time without the user having to export them to disk. Other tools help render particles effectively, add displacement maps to ocean surfaces, and visualize volumetric data from OpenVDB files.

In contrast to connectivity plug-ins, the RealFlow RenderKit does not support the import/export of geometry data, meshes, or cameras. 

Unlike RealFlow, RealFlow RenderKit is not a stand-alone application. Rather, think of it as a set of modules that work inside a 3D application. All the parameters and features from RealFlow's meshing engines are also available inside the kit, but the kit does not store the meshes permanently. A mesh file only exists as long as it takes to finish the current frame.