Movie Preview: What to Expect
November 12, 2014

Movie Preview: What to Expect

Disney is exiting 2014 with a bang with two big releases: Big Hero 6 and  Into the Woods,  an animated feature and live-action, VFX-filled feature.  

Get your popcorn and prepare for some great movie releases in the future.

The studio will then kick off 2015 with the live-action Cinderella in March, followed by the nature film Monkey Kingdom on Earth Day, and the futuristic Tomorrowland in May. Then, Disney/Pixar will crank up the CGI with Inside Out in June.

But, why stop there? The studio recently revealed that it will release the animated Zootopia in March 2015 and Moana in November 2015. 

Zootopia, under the direction of Tangled’s Byron Howard, is written by Jared Bush. It features a unique fox-rabbit relationship between a fast-talking fox on the lam, who had been set up to take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit, and a self-righteous rabbit cop chasing him down.

Moana will be presented by the duo Ron Clements and John Musker from The Little Mermaid and The Princess and the Frog. This feature will take viewers to the South Pacific, as the seafarer searches for a fabled island while encountering a demi-god, sea creatures, and underworlds steeped in ancient folklore.

In 2011, ILM ventured into the animated feature business with the hit CG Western Rango. Now, Lucasfilm is preparing the musical fantasy adventure Strange Music in January 2015. It will be produced by Lucasfilm Animation Singapore and ILM. 

Another studio that is hard at work is DreamWorks, which will be releasing the CG out-of-this-world movie Home in March 2015, following on the heels of The Penguins of Madagascar, which will open in late-November  2014. Also, the studio is preparing BOO: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations in June of next year, followed by the fabulous team of Kung Fu Panda in the third installment of this hit. 

Rest assured, more animated adventures will be coming your way from these and other facilities in the coming year.