Luxion's KeyShot Integrates with Siemens' NX
June 19, 2014

Luxion's KeyShot Integrates with Siemens' NX

IRVINE, CA - Luxion, makers of KeyShot  and the leading developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology, is offering KeyShot integration for the users of the Siemens NX software.

KeyShot integration with NX is a plug-in that provides direct transfer of NX models to KeyShot and includes LiveLinking to capture updates in geometry. 

Users of Siemens NX now have the option to import their models into KeyShot from NX with the transfer of all assembly structure, color information and camera views. A streamlined workflow is maintained across the interfaces with the option to send any model changes made to the NX model directly to KeyShot through Luxion's LiveLinking technology, without the need to re-apply materials or redo animations. 

With KeyShot 5, NX users also gain the option of importing their models as NURBS geometry for smoother curves and edges and the automatic instancing of patterned components—features that allow NX users to go from modeling to creating photorealistic 3D renderings, animations and interactive visuals with more speed and flexibility than ever before.  

KeyShot integration with NX will first be available to NX users Q3 of 2014 on the KeyShot website and through certified KeyShot and Siemens PLM resellers.