Luxion Targets Users with KeyShot 5.1
November 6, 2014

Luxion Targets Users with KeyShot 5.1

IRVINE, CA - Luxion, developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and the maker of KeyShot, the first real-time raytracing and global illumination program, has upgraded the software to release 5.1, with new additions and improvements.
In May 2014, Luxion launched the pivotal release of KeyShot 5, introducing KeyShot Cloud and features to further increase the speed in creating high-quality visuals. Users gained a new way to find and share KeyShot assets, more possibilities with instancing and image editing, fade animation, motion blur and many Pro features, from NURBS raytracing to innovations in perspective matching and sun & sky lighting. It also supports PTC Creo 3.0 and Cinema 4D.

With focus on workflow through the rendering process, KeyShot 5.1 builds on the release of previous versions to deliver a wider array of options. The user interface receives full multi-touch support to compliment a touch-enabled workflow, along with Retina support for all Apple high-definition displays. New material options include the full line of Sørensen Leather materials exclusive to KeyShot, FED-STD-595 color for camouflage and updates to texturing that include DPI adjustment and a range of six new 2D and 3D procedurals. New rendering options include the ability to select Cameras and View sets to add to the render queue with Network Rendering optimized for transfer of multiple jobs. 

KeyShot 5.1 is available immediately for download as a free upgrade to all customers with subscription. KeyShot starts at $995 with Pro versions and add-ons for Animation and interactive KeyShotVR capabilities.