Kickstarter Haptic Device Lets Users Immerse Themselves in their Games
February 5, 2014

Kickstarter Haptic Device Lets Users Immerse Themselves in their Games

HAMILTON, ONTARIO — Haptics makes a triumphant return to PC gaming with Tivitas Interactive's upcoming gaming device, Sinister, which is utilizing Kickstarter for its push into the gaming world.

Utilizing ViviTouch HD haptic feedback (the next-generation vibration alternative) and featuring interchangeable Elements that allow gamers to tailor their experience to meet their gaming needs, Sinister provides the comfort and advantages of a console controller while maintaining the familiarity and precision of a mouse/keyboard combo.


Unlike any other haptic gaming device, Sinister offers full customization, adjustable ergonomic support, true analog movement, and several different "HD Feedback" gaming modes that can be tailored to match the genre of the game. Sinister's buttons will feel just like those of leading gamepads with the advantage of being able to swap them on the fly, mid-game. Additionally, the device features plug-and-play functionality for gaming right out of the box, and will support both Windows and Linux at launch.

Sinister has begun gaining traction around the world because of its use of ViviTouch and innovative modular Elements. Tivitas Interactive has just launched their Kickstarter campaign, and are looking to make Sinister your device. Check out the Kickstarter page

Sinister offers gamers a truly sensational gaming experience that is both familiar and unlike anything they have ever felt before.