GrabCAD and Lagoa Partner to Bring 3D Rendering to the GrabCAD Community
January 6, 2014

GrabCAD and Lagoa Partner to Bring 3D Rendering to the GrabCAD Community

CAMBRIDGE, MA and BOSTON, MA — GrabCAD, developer of the CAD collaboration tool Workbench, is offering availability of rendering through a partnership with Lagoa, the cloud rendering solution. The Lagoa integration makes it easy for engineers to quickly produce product renderings from within GrabCAD Workbench. This seamless integration with Lagoa eases workflows, with no need for exporting and importing between the programs.

"GrabCAD users love rendering, so it was important for us to deliver high-quality and high-performance rendering functionality as part of the GrabCAD experience," said Hardi Meybaum, CEO of GrabCAD. "We've chosen to work with Lagoa because it delivers the high-quality results GrabCAD users expect without forcing users out of the GrabCAD application. This integration makes it easier to get started, and combines ease of use with top-tier capabilities like HDR environments and advanced materials effects, without downloads or installations. We're excited to offer this to Workbench users."

Lagoa's 3D platform can be used with GrabCAD via the open Lagoa API. This integration is an example of Lagoa's powerful platform, where engineers can easily build photoreal 3D experiences.

With more than 15,000 users, Workbench is the easy way for engineers, designers and partners to manage, share and view CAD files. GrabCAD makes it easy for Workbench users to access top design tools though GrabCAD Toolbox, which allows third party applications to access Workbench files.

"The integration of Lagoa adds a powerful, yet easy-to-use, engineering application to GrabCAD Toolbox," said Thiago Costa, CEO and co-founder of Lagoa. "By shifting rendering processing to the Lagoa cloud from the desktop, we help users save time and money by eliminating the need for exporting files, providing a truly collaborative environment, and delivering quality, in a high-performance approach."

Users select a file to render in GrabCAD Workbench, then select "Open in Lagoa," and are ready to render. After a user has selected a model, they can modify materials, add lighting, select "Render," and they're done. Once they're satisfied with their images, which take seconds, not hours to produce, they can save images back to their GrabCAD project. For engineers who want to use Lagoa in Workbench, GrabCAD is providing an introductory offer of two free hours of Lagoa processing time per month.