Digital-Tutors Turns Viral Video into Free Workshop
December 11, 2014

Digital-Tutors Turns Viral Video into Free Workshop

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The real or fake debate raged on recently after Digital-Tutors, a leading site for digital VFX training, released a fake meteor sighting video online. 
Now the clip, which sparked a frenzied discussion on Reddit’s front page and made its way onto national and local U.S. broadcasts, has been transformed into a free After Effects tutorial on Digital-Tutors’ website.

Coinciding with Digital-Tutors’ own admission of releasing the tutorial's visual effects shot, the tutorial teaches artists how to create the lighting effects and tracking techniques that will help them create VFX shots of their own. Other topics covered in the course of the video include: creating a meteor tail, setting up light for animation, and painting the moon out of the sky. 

“Digital-Tutors has a long history of presenting artists with expert tutorials that move them along in their careers, but this is the first time we’ve released the final video before the tutorial,” said Grant Boudon, director of marketing and PR for Digital-Tutors. “Now that we’ve seen the power of a viral video and both pieces are in place, we look forward to seeing what artists can create with the free training and thousands of other tutorials in our training library.”