Autodesk Introduces Shotgun to Its Flame Family
September 12, 2014

Autodesk Introduces Shotgun to Its Flame Family

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – Autodesk has unveiled Flame 2015 visual effects software Extension 2, with included support for Shotgun Software, a cloud-based production tracking, review and asset management platform.

Just last month at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver, Shotgun, recently acquired by Autodesk, announced an iPhone Review app, Shotgun Desktop and MARI integration. Since the acquisition earlier this summer, the expanded development team (triple the number of coding engineers) has been on hyper drive.

Shotgun already has a strong workflow with Maya, 3ds Max, MARI and other third-party applications. The new Flame/Shotgun integration will enable Flame artists to quickly and efficiently share project work with producers, supervisors, clients, managers and other artists in the cloud and accelerate the flow of diverse project media across creative pipelines. 

Key integration highlights include: 

Publish Conformed Sequences from Flame and Flame Assist to Shotgun – Using Shotgun, facilities can set up the distribution of project shots, which can be assigned to artists as needed.

Automated Access to Media and Batch Setups in Flare – When launching Flare from Shotgun, Batch setup and shot media will automatically load, eliminating the need for artists to search the network for media.

Shot Versioning – Once published, new Flare shots are immediately available in Flame, so artists can update a shot, series of shots or all shots within the Flame timeline to versions created by Flare artists throughout the facility. 

Shot Review and Approval – Artists can send Flame or Flare clips directly to Shotgun’s review and approval tools, allowing project stakeholders to annotate and approve shots within the software.