Autodesk Introduces FBX Review for Mac OS X, iOS 7
May 20, 2014

Autodesk Introduces FBX Review for Mac OS X, iOS 7

Autodesk has launched FBX Review for Apple Mac OS X and iOS7.
A free stand-alone application that debuted last year for Windows, FBX Review offers professional artists and animators a lightweight toolset for conducting detailed and timely reviews of 3D assets via desktops or mobile devices.

Now artists on the Windows or Apple platforms can use FBX Review to view 3D assets with a robust feature set, without using commercial 3D animation software. An artist working in Autodesk 3ds Max, for example, can send an animation file to anyone who has installed FBX Review, and the recipient will have a full menu of features with which to view the assets. New features include:

Support for ZIP files:  Simplified asset review with support for ZIP files containing both geometry and texture files. When opening a ZIP file, FBX Review automatically assigns the textures, helping to streamline the review process by eliminating the need to bake textures.

Geometry cache support (desktop only): Support for geometry cache playback, including Maya cache, 3ds Max cache and the Alembic cache format. Geometry cache support is available only on desktop versions of FBX Review.

Re-focus perspective camera:  Reviewers can now change the focus of the perspective camera by double tapping (mobile) or double-clicking (desktop) on the desired area of focus.

In addition to OS X and iOS 7, FBX Review also supports Window 7 and Windows 8. For a complete list of FBX Review features, visit: