Animal Logic Launches New Divisions
March 7, 2014

Animal Logic Launches New Divisions

SYDNEY Animal Logic has launched three divisions, which will operate under the Animal Logic group of companies.

The group structure will consist of separate Animation and Visual FX (VFX) studios, and Animal Logic Entertainment, a feature film development arm that would focus on developing a slate of animation, hybrid and VFX driven films for the company.


CEO Zareh Nalbandian confirmed the company would be bringing together its Animal Logic and Fuel VFX teams, which became effective March 1. The newly consolidated division will trade as Animal Logic VFX, incorporating the wealth of talent and technology under one roof, further strengthening its ongoing commitment to the Australian and international VFX industry, he said.


The Animal Logic VFX team will include Executive Producers, Jason Bath and Luke Hetherington and VFX Supervisors, Andy Brown, Paul Butterworth, Kirsty Millar, Dave Morley and Will Reichelt who will continue to drive all aspects of the VFX business for the company.


"The VFX landscape has changed dramatically over the last two years, and the consolidation of our teams, technology and facilities means that we can continue to remain competitive in an ever-changing VFX global market.  With the Animal Logic VFX brand we¹re bringing together two strong companies under an internationally respected banner," says Animal Logic VFX Executive Producer, Jason Bath.


The Animal Logic VFX team recently completed work on Iron Man 3 (2013), Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), The Great Gatsby (2013), The Rover (2014) and is currently in production on Unbroken (2014).


Nalbandian says, "The consolidation of our VFX teams under the Animal Logic VFX brand feels like a natural and organic next step for the company. Our teams continue to produce award-winning design and VFX, and with their ongoing access to our pipeline and technology they will continue to build strong collaborations with directors, producers and studios on all scales of projects."


Animal Logic Animation will continue to focus on the studio¹s hallmark of creative, visual and technical excellence in animation.  Its team will include CEO / Producer, Zareh Nalbandian, Head of Animation, Rob Coleman, and Co-Producers, Amber Naismith and Ingrid Johnston.  The studio recently completed work on Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie (2013) and The LEGO Movie (2014).


In late 2013, the company established its Animal Logic Entertainment office in Los Angeles. Its team includes Producers, Zareh Nalbandian and Jason Lust, and Executives, Jonathan Hludzinski and Felicity Staunton, focused on developing an eclectic slate of feature films in collaboration with leading studios, directors, writers and producers.


Nalbandian said, "It¹s a really exciting time for our amazingly talented team at Animal Logic.  Their continued commitment to innovation, and technical and creative excellence underpins the company¹s success.  We are all proud to play an important part in an Australian creative industry that is really proving itself on an international stage."