AJA Corvid 88 Drives Video I/O in Pablo Rio 8K
November 19, 2014

AJA Corvid 88 Drives Video I/O in Pablo Rio 8K

TOKYO  –  Quantel is adopting AJA Corvid 88 as the video I/O platform for the new Quantel Pablo Rio 8K color correction and finishing system.

Corvid 88 is the latest in AJA's family of products designed for integration into solutions offered by third-party Developer Partners. The new Pablo Rio system makes 8K 60p post-production practical as 8K moves out from the laboratory into real-world production. 

AJA Video Systems’ Corvid 88 is designed for development partner applications that require multiple simultaneous input and output streams. Each of Corvid 88’s eight 3G-SDI connections can be set programmatically as either an input or output and each can support a different video format, provided all formats use the same clock timing. This allows for maximum flexibility in applications where high-density I/O is required, such as playout servers, ingest servers, channel-in-a-box systems and more. Connections can also be linked together to support Dual Link or 4K/UltraHD formats and higher. Corvid 88 can power a single or multiple slot solution, available in either low-profile or full-height PCI form factors.

Corvid 88 is available for $2,795.