@Xi Computers New MTower Line Based on Latest Technology
September 26, 2014

@Xi Computers New MTower Line Based on Latest Technology

SAN CLEMENTE, CA  — @Xi Computer Corporation is now offering the newest line of its award-winning MTower workstations sporting the latest edition Intel Core i7-5930K and 5960X (codenamed Haswell-E) and configurable with the newest generation of Nvidia Quadro video cards.  

Top workstation performance is now delivered by the Xi MTower PCIe with a full six-core clock speed of 4.3GHz, four channel 2800MHz DDR4, and utilizing a whopping 8GB DDR5 Quadro K5200. 

“This latest edition of the Xi MTower PCIe Workstations raises the performance bar without compromising reliability, essential for the most demanding CAD/CAE, and still maintaining a great price advantage with the competition,” said Robert Bragaglia, marketing director at Xi Computer. 

The new Xi Workstations can be custom configured and ordered directly from the company website or from his worldwide chain of resellers by visiting www.xicomputer.com.