zSpace, Inc. and Mechdyne Announce trackd support for zSpace
April 26, 2013

zSpace, Inc. and Mechdyne Announce trackd support for zSpace

SUNNYVALE, CA — zSpace, Inc.'s software partner Mechdyne has released a version of trackd that supports the company’s 3D virtual holographic platform, zSpace.

With this release, more than 22 trackd-compatible applications can now take advantage of zSpace’s immersive 3D environment. trackd is the standard device driver software for leading virtual reality applications, developers, display manufacturers, motion tracking companies and input device manufacturers in the immersive 3D display industry. The software takes information from a variety of motion tracking and input devices and makes the information available for other applications to use.

"When working in 3D, motion tracking is critical to ensuring the user experience is as realistic, comfortable and interactive as possible,” said Julien Berta, Vice President of Technology and Innovation for Mechdyne’s Software Division. “We are thrilled to take the capabilities of trackd and apply them to a display like zSpace that offers a highly realistic and immersive environment. With the release of trackd, we look forward to seeing not only Mechdyne’s software products in zSpace, but also other leading software applications that use trackd to enable virtual reality interaction.”

Through this collaboration, a wide spectrum of mainstream industries can reap the benefits of virtual realism for product styling, interactive simulations, architectural walkthroughs, and training for military, medical and first responders. zSpace users are able to create and experience visually stunning, interactive content with ease right from their desktop.

“As one of the most innovative, world-wide companies selling immersive software and technologies, we are excited to be working with Mechdyne on multiple fronts,” says Dave Chavez, CTO of zSpace, Inc. “trackd is recognized as a standard for the immersive 3D industry, and allows users to take advantage of the six degrees of freedom necessary to make an experience look and feel real. This partnership will further enable the zSpace developer community to bring innovative and highly realistic virtual reality solutions to the market.”