The 11ers Release Photospector App
July 19, 2013

The 11ers Release Photospector App

A new mobile app company, called The 11ers, formed by two former PDI employees, is releasing its second app – an industrial-strength image editing tool that builds on the founders' 20+ years of experience building software for the feature-film industry.

Photospector is a free iPad2+ app that brings smart search albums, unlimited resolution, and real-time GPU-based editing to the iPad. Written by The 11ers, the 2012 Technical Academy Award winning developers of Glaze, Photospector's next-generation technology is the best way to search, edit and share images. 

Photospector gives iPhoneographers and prosumer photographers a fluid workflow unprecedented on mobile or desktop platforms. Photospector's Virtuoso virtual texture engine brings game technology to photo editing. An elegant interface designed exclusively for tablets navigates through thousands of images using search instead of manual filing, providing powerful image inspection and comparison tools. Dive in past the pixels, inspect their numeric values. Toggle and wipe variations of images and color correct with live histogram updates so you really learn and understand the effect each control has on your image.

Video about the app can be seen on below:

Apply color corrections, keywords, and ratings to groups of images using the $1.99 in-app purchase, and share, resize, rename, and adjust metadata for the entire group in a single click.