Studio Connect to Bridge Gap between Graduates and Studios Looking to Hire
November 19, 2013

Studio Connect to Bridge Gap between Graduates and Studios Looking to Hire

3D Training Institute (3DTi) is launching a new service “Studio Connect” that addresses a major industry problem: filling studio positions with talented animators. Studio Connect will bridge the gap between graduates who have learned Autodesk 3D software (3dsMax, Maya, Revit, and Inventor) and studios working on film, gaming, architectural, manufacturing, and other design projects that want high-quality new talent.

With most studios facing stringent production deadlines, they lack the time and resources to train and manage fresh graduates, and prefer to hire experienced talent. Studio Connect is an innovative service that will bridge the gap between students who are trying to enter the 3D field and studios that need skilled talent.

Studio Connect will launch in January 2014 and is free for participants. Although this service was created for graduates who have completed the 3DTi training programs, a few spots will be open to graduates from other schools and colleges. The selected participants will have the opportunity to gain the critical experience that studios are seeking, while working in teams on simulated production projects.

The Studio Connect training will be conducted by 3DTraining Institute, in conjunction with distinguished industry professionals from reputable animation studios and architectural/ design firms. Graduates will be mentored through practice production projects/pitches. These projects will add to the students' portfolios and demonstrate their mastery of critical production skills. Participants who fulfill the graduation requirements of Studio Connect will be added to a talent database and will be eligible for paid work on actual projects. The talent database is maintained by 3DMirage, a well-known production consulting firm, whose clients include Click 3X, Mechanism Design, Cyber Extruder, Imaginary Forces, and Provision Interactive.

"This program is truly win-win," says 3DTi Advisory Board Member Gary Sharfin, owner of Private Idaho, a New York-based production/postproduction studio who has hired 3DTi graduates for his company. "Graduates participating in Studio Connect will get the opportunity to work with simulated clients and understand their needs, and studios will benefit by having a pool of well-trained and qualified talent for their projects."

Joel Orr, who helped found Cyon Research Corporation, founded Computer Graphics World Magazine, and is a member of 3DTi's advisory board, had this to say about Studio Connect. "Studio Connect will help bridge the gap in the industry between graduates looking for work and studios looking for well-trained talent that is ready to 'hit the ground running.' I encourage studios to take advantage of this service, which will give graduates the break they deserve! This will help keep work in the United States and utilize the pool of skilled talent that exists here."