Smith Micro Marries Animation,  HTML5 with MotionArtist
March 6, 2013

Smith Micro Marries Animation, HTML5 with MotionArtist

ALISO VIEJO, CA – Smith Micro Software, Inc. Productivity and Graphics Group has announced its new software program, MotionArtist. The release version of MotionArtist enables users to add motion to their comics, create interactive HTML5 presentations and make animated photo shows. The versatile MotionArtist appeals to a wide range of users, from graphic novelists and comic creators to web developers and photographers, users of all skill levels are able to utilize cutting-edge tools to enhance and share their artistic creations.
The software enables users to easily generate interactive presentations with intuitive comic panel creation with straightforward animation tools, GPU acceleration for a fast work environment and 3D layering for a parallax effect.Vector-based word balloons and dynamic text in thought bubbles or dialogue boxes can be inserted as well. Motion can be added to comics and photo slideshows through automated object placement and camera movement. And, users can export projects to HTML5 to display them on web pages or save as a standard movie format and share the comics and presentations directly to Facebook or YouTube.

MotionArtist is available for $59.99.