Rampant Design Tools Launches New Libraries of Optical Light Transition, VFX Elements for Filmmakers, Editors
September 26, 2013

Rampant Design Tools Launches New Libraries of Optical Light Transition, VFX Elements for Filmmakers, Editors

ORLANDO, FL – Rampant Design Tools has launched four massive new libraries of its signature QuickTime-based Drag-and-Drop VFX elements for filmmakers, VFX artists and video editors, delivering nearly 1,000 new high-definition, visually stunning themed optical transitions and overlays.

Rampant Design Tools also has developed a resource for customers to help make the most of their workflow using Rampant's elements. RDT Training (http://tuts.rampantdesigntools.com) offers completely free training in Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Avid and more. In addition to singular tutorials, Rampant has started two training series; Practical Effects for Editors, hosted by Rampant founder and renowned VFX artist, Sean Mullen, shows editors how to add complex visual effects techniques to their workflow with the software they already have. Learning Final Cut Pro X, hosted by Apple Certified Expert Stefanie Mullen, brings customers up to speed quickly on Apple's latest editing apps.

Available immediately from www.rampantdesigntools.com, Rampant Design Tools new libraries include Rampant Stage Light Transitions, Rampant Speed Lights, Rampant Light Impacts and Rampant Gradient Overlays. Each library is priced at $99.

  • Rampant Stage Light Transitions is a library of over 200 high-definition (1080P, 1920x1080), QuicktTme based drag-and-drop light element transitions that use multiple stage light, optical light, and lighting effects and flares to add an instant, stylized look to customers' video. Elements within the library can be mixed and matched for infinite combinations of 'looks' and enabling unique sequences every time. 
  • Rampant Speed Lights is a library of over 400 high defnition (1080P, 1920x1080) optical light element transitions ideally suited for energized, high action and sporting event video content and are ideal for creating stylized transitions, bumpers and lower thirds.
  • Rampant Light Impacts is a library of 160 light effects and edge lighting for aggressive, in-your-face, exciting high energy video. These high definition (1080P, 1920x1080) light elements are ideal for editors, VFX artists and compositors looking to quickly add punch to their video projects.
  • Rampant Gradient Overlays delivers 200 high definition (1080P, 1920x1080), beautiful color and light effect elements for video editors and VFX artists, offering drag-and-drop, QuickTime-based Film Flash, Light Effects and Edge Lighting to add instant beauty and softness to any video.

Rampant Design Tools offers a time-saving approach for budget- and time-crunched editors who need to quickly add quality VFX or design elements to their projects. Rampant Design Tools solutions are compatible with all editing platforms and compositing applications that are able to read QuickTime files, including Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects and Premiere), Sony Vegas, Media 100, Apple Motion, NUKE, Apple Final Cut Pro, FCP X and Avid Media Composer. They are also designed to complement filmmakers and VFX artists existing workflows and integrate well with pipelines comprised of industry-leading VFX and color correction solutions.