RTT Releases New Version of DeltaGen 12 High-End 3D Visualization Software
September 26, 2013

RTT Releases New Version of DeltaGen 12 High-End 3D Visualization Software

With over 60 new features and enhancements, DeltaGen 12 will likely have a large impact for high-end 3D visualization, increasing visual quality, speed, and flexibility.

The new release is accompanied by a series of free DeltaGen 12 webinars, starting on October 15.

DeltaGen delivers lifelike display of CAD data with real-time interaction. It processes data from all professional CAD systems to create highly realistic images, films and animations from design and development to marketing and sales. This leads to reduced need for physical prototypes, supports accelerated, visual decision-making, and provides content for innovative product experiences for end customers. As such, DeltaGen is used for 3D visualization in such diverse industries as automotive, lifestyle products, consumer goods, transportation and aerospace.

The new version, DeltaGen 12, offers a new level of visual quality and creative freedom with artistic composing and post production features, such as motion blur, lens flare, sun shafts, render passes or flexible real-time light and shadow settings. The new camera model enhances a real photography approach through provision of sensor sizes, focal lengths and shutter speeds.

The new release also helps save time by offering a performance increase and efficiency with easy scene building and increased reusability of data. It reduces time-to-asset through unseen performance increases for offline rendering and real-time ray tracing, including global illumination (GI).

To allow users to move beyond the standard feature set and develop their own tailor-made extensions, RTT offers a Software Development Kit. The SDK for DeltaGen facilitates adaptation of existing features and permits the development of new plug-ins to further integrate the software into the users´ enterprise workflow.

RTT also introduces RTT Xplore DeltaGen, the first multi-touch navigation tool that facilitates the presentation setup and makes interacting with a scene as easy as browsing a web page. This tool is particularly useful for product reviews or marketing and sales presentations.

Finally, RTT DeltaGen 12 for Teamcenter brings high-end 3D visualization to the PLM world, ensuring that design, development, marketing and sales data stay in sync at all times. The new version comes with an enhanced metadata concept, quick update processes and customized queries for search, filter and sorting.