Project FOCUS to Help Students with Disabilities Learn Filmmaking Techniques
October 23, 2013

Project FOCUS to Help Students with Disabilities Learn Filmmaking Techniques

SAN MARINO, CA — The creators of the patent-pending iOgrapher filmmaking support case for the iPad Mini have been chosen by the University of Arizona’s Project FOCUS to help students with disabilities learn filmmaking and editing techniques using the Apple iPad Mini and the new iOgrapher filmmaking support case.

The University of Arizona's Project FOCUS is dedicated to supporting students with intellectual and physical disabilities, and has designed innovative curricula for its students, built on technologies such as the Apple iPad, to help them overcome challenges and ultimately thrive. While Project FOCUS provides iPads to each of its students, many students struggle with grasping and balancing the iPad while shooting video. The iOgrapher, with its built-in handles and tripod mounts has been selected by the University's Project FOCUS as the ideal solution to enhance the mobile filmmaking experience for their students.

Phyllis Brodsky is project coordinator for Project FOCUS, University of Arizona. While searching for tools and technologies to enhance the curriculum and overall university experience for her students with disabilities, she discovered iOgrapher.

iOgrapher Ipad Mini case

"When I found the iOgrapher, my first thought was how this product could have an unexpected, yet significant impact on people with disabilities," said Phyllis. "Project FOCUS' primary aim is helping students with intellectual and physical disabilities better experience the University life, attend courses and just experience campus life at the University of Arizona to the fullest. A one-to-one iPad program is a big part of our program, and videography and photography are often a big part of what our students do. Some use photos or videos to communicate while others like making short video productions that they post on YouTube. We are excited to have the opportunity to use the iOgrapher with our group of students. I believe it will offer them greater physical stability, visual focus and fine motor dexterity then they've had in the past. It will also step it up a notch for them as they think about using it to record interviews and create more professional-style videos."

The iOgrapher for the Apple iPad is the first all purpose filmmaking case for the iPad and iPad Mini and is designed and manufactured in the US. The iOgrapher is constructed from high-quality, extremely tough polycarbonate, and its patent-pending design is for everyone from families with kids, to students, to indies and professional filmmakers and videographers. 

The iOgrapher's unique design features two handles on each side of the case, transforming the iPad mini into a hand-held 'steadicam rig' which eliminates shaky footage common when shooting video with mobile devices. The iOgrapher is also designed to enable consumers and filmmakers alike to easily add 37mm lenses to its lens mount area for wide angles, fisheye looks, or to capture macro or close up shots. Users can attach lighting and audio gear to its three accessory shoes on the top of the case. The bottom of the case is designed to enable mounting to any standard tripod, monopod, or portable dolly. 

Created by high-school media arts teacher and filmmaker, Dave Basulto, the iOgrapher was inspired by Dave's students, who he wanted to empower with the ability to shoot and edit video, take stills and stream video live - all from an inexpensive, accessible device. 

The iOgrapher for the iPad Mini is available immediately and is priced at $65. The company is also now accepting pre-orders for the iOgrapher for the iPad 3 and 4. Pre-orders can also be placed by visiting