PoweredPlay Launches Kickstarter Campaign
April 23, 2013

PoweredPlay Launches Kickstarter Campaign

SAN MATEO — PoweredPlay Gaming, the first provider of modular lighting and effects kits for scale models, collectables and tabletop games, has launched its Kickstarter project http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/79084871/modeling-leaves-the-dark-ages. Funds of the project will be used to make the initial production run of the company’s patent-pending Spotlight Kits, Alpha Kits and Color packs.

"We're excited to bring PoweredPlay Gaming's technology to the Kickstarter community, who continue to embrace projects at the crossroads of innovation and the arts," said Chris Wessling, CEO and Co-Founder, PoweredPlay Gaming. "We look forward to seeing how the community will apply our products in gaming, modeling, crafts, architectural design, set design and a wide range of possible applications - all without the mess and frustration of soldering, electrical engineering or needing advance degrees."

PoweredPlay Gaming, which formally launched in January, has spent the last year researching and developing its technology. The resulting modular effects kits provide a plug & play option for artists and hobbyists to enhance their creations. Users simply decide where they want the effect, drill any holes, and plug in the kits, which contain the patent-pending PC Board, battery connectors, and LED lighting strings (battery not included). Within a few minutes, users can have fully functional models or retrofit existing projects without needing to dismantle.

"This is an incredible milestone as we are able to formally offer our product to the general public," said Chris Michaels, COO and Co-founder, PoweredPlay Gaming. "We've had an amazing response from the gaming, modeling and collector communities who all want the ability to enhance their creativity by finally bringing advanced technologies to their craft."

By launching on Kickstarter, the company is giving its audience the ability to sponsor their project in return for advanced (and discounted) kits. The company will also be supplying contributors with a variety of special giveaways, including T-Shirts, stickers and decals, store banners and even hosting a major tournament at a local game/hobby store.

Founded in 2013, PoweredPlay Gaming aims to electrify play, spark personal creativity, and empower individuality in gamers, hobbyists and collectors alike. From lights, to smoke, to sound and more, the company's patent-pending technology gives the tools and components to customize armies, planes, historical models and whatever a user's mind can create. For more information, visit www.poweredplay.net.