PipelineFX Releases Qube 6.5
June 14, 2013

PipelineFX Releases Qube 6.5

LOS ANGELES — PipelineFX, creator of renderfarm management software for digital media creation, has announced the release of Qube 6.5.

New tools for job tagging, configuration, and reporting round out Qube's most feature-rich offering to date; while improvements to Smart Farming functionality promote a simpler path to pipeline intelligence.

During this development cycle, PipelineFX tackled two areas that will bring immediate results to their customers. The first: detailed cost reporting for firms that manage rendering across multiple shows and clients. The second: an increased ability for larger studios to minimize supervisor downtime and easily re-configure their renderfarm as situations and usage rates shift.

"In this time of industry turmoil, understanding the real economics of visual effects has become more important than ever," stated Richard Lewis, CEO of PipelineFX. "Tools like cost accounting and the ability to Smart Farm actionable intelligence from your render pipeline offer proven methods for accurately assessing and correcting inefficiencies."

New Qube 6.5 features include:

  • "Show, Shot, Sequence" and user-definable job tags - provides detailed insight into how farm usage rates are mapped to projects and/or clients
  • Supervisor configuration re-read - global resources, configurations and more can occur without a supervisor reload, leading to an increase in uptime
  • App-Finder - allows a job to be distributed across mixed OS farms simultaneously
  • Cumulative time tracking - total job time spent on the farm in CPU-seconds can be revealed by jobs, frames, and retries (even across varying numbers of CPUs)
  • Updated application support - Qube 6.5 now works with Autodesk 2014 products, and supports Maxwell Cooperative Rendering with "resume rendering" support

Customers currently on subscription can download version 6.5 immediately from the PipelineFX ftp site.