Perforce Announces Analytics for Software Development Process
October 9, 2013

Perforce Announces Analytics for Software Development Process

ALAMEDA, CA — Perforce Software has announced Perforce Insights, an analytics solution that reveals valuable information on code and software development.

Built into Perforce products, Insights reveals information that isn't available in bug tracking or traditional work planning tools. By enabling development teams to measure their performance so they can tune and optimize their delivery pipelines, Insights helps to shorten release cycles and fosters more effective migration to Continuous Delivery practices.

Insights gathers previously unavailable metrics and presents them in ways that are meaningful to developers, team leads, QA and release managers. For example, while a burn-down chart might show user stories only as closed, Insights assesses and displays the cost of code stability related to the closure. With multiple dashboards, Insights provides an overview across a series of projects, deep-dive views of single projects, and hot spot reports such as most edited files or top contributors across the repository. A stand-alone server dashboard provides performance metrics for systems administrators monitoring the overarching Perforce versioning service.

Insights Stability Index is a pragmatic measure of the stability of code in a project, analyzing the Raise and Fix rates for bugs, the amount of code that is changing in a project, and the amount of code that changes repeatedly. Tracking the index trend across a project's lifetime shows if stability goals will be met prior to release or if there is an unexpected destabilization in projects where stability is a priority.

Perforce Insights is now available to existing Perforce customers free of charge. New customers will receive Insights built into all Perforce products.