Oscar Voting Changes
May 6, 2013

Oscar Voting Changes

A change in Oscar voting will occur for the next awards season.

Starting this upcoming season, the entire membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be able to vote in all 24 Oscar categories, after receiving DVDs of films rather than having to see certain films in theaters.

The Academy's Board of Governors approved letting members see the nominated documentary shorts and foreign language films either at a theatrical screening or on DVD provided by the Academy prior to the final round of voting so that all members can vote in the final round. They will also provide members with DVDs of nominations in the feature documentary, animated short, and live-action short categories.

Before the change, members had to see the nominated films in a number of categories within a theater setting in order to vote. Films in these categories are typically difficult to find in theaters. The change gives members more opportunity to see the various films and vote.

A statement about the changes revealed that a record 90 percent of eligible members had cast ballots for the last round of awards.