Method Studios and HALON Entertainment Announce Collaboration
July 22, 2013

Method Studios and HALON Entertainment Announce Collaboration

Los Angeles — International visual effects house Method Studios, a Deluxe Entertainment Services Group company, and previsualization company HALON Entertainment announced a strategic alliance agreement.

Under the agreement, Method will collaborate with HALON to jointly provide previs and VFX services to customers that will allow the two companies to share talent, technique, and locations. Combined services will be available out of any of Method's worldwide locations, including London and Vancouver.

Founded in 2003 by CEO and Previsualization Director Daniel Gregoire, HALON Entertainment is a full-service pitchvis, previs, and postvis studio committed to enabling filmmakers to visually explore their creative ideas throughout the production process. HALON works with the biggest film and advertising companies in the business.

Having a matching client base, Method Studios continues to create award-winning visual effects for projects such as DirecTV 'Troll' (AICP Award winner for Animation) and the recent feature releases Iron Man 3 and White House Down.

"Nearly all VFX projects coming in the door at Method require some form of previs in their early stages and we have successfully collaborated with HALON many times over the past few years," comments Gabby Gourrier, SVP of Global Productions for Method Studios. "This new arrangement solidifies our working relationship and offers our clients direct access to HALON's team of previs experts, who are well respected leaders in their field."

"It's always a pleasure to work alongside the artists and production team at Method," says Gregoire. "Together, with Method, we are excited to offer global services for streamlining creative projects that require integrated services. It's great to have a long time client like Method as an ally to this end."