Maxon Cinebench R15 Available for Download
October 1, 2013

Maxon Cinebench R15 Available for Download

Maxon Computer, developer of 3D software solutions for motion graphics, visual effects, 3D painting, animation and rendering, has readied Cinebench Release 15.

Cinebench is a cross-platform testing suite that measures hardware performance and is a standard benchmarking tool for leading companies and trade journals for conducting real-world hardware performance tests. With the new Release 15, systems with up to 256 threads can be tested. Cinebench is available for both Windows and OS X and is used by almost all hardware manufacturers and trade journals for comparing CPUs and graphics cards.

Cinebench is based on Maxon's 3D software, Cinema 4D, which is used in production studios worldwide for the creation of 3D effects in blockbusters such as Iron Man 3, Oblivion, Life of Pi and Prometheus. Contrary to artificial benchmarks that only perform abstract tests on specific functions, Cinebench measures system performance based on actual production processes in Cinema 4D. The test consists of two modules, that evaluate CPU and graphics card performance separately.

Main processor performance (CPU) - test procedures include a comprehensive test of the main processor's performance by rendering a photo-realistic 3D scene. This scene, with approx. 280,000 polygons, uses various algorithms and all available cores. The test result is displayed in points.

Graphics card performance (OpenGL) - This test uses a car chase consisting of complex 3d scenes to ascertain the graphics card's OpenGL render performance. This scene contains a large amount of geometry (approx. 1 million polygons), high-res textures and numerous effects. The result is displayed in frames per second.

The CPU benchmark requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM and supports processors with a minimum clock frequency of 1 GHz (see list).

The OpenGL benchmark supports graphics cards with 512 MB RAM and higher and OpenGL 2.1. Cinebench independently ascertains whether or not all required functions are supported by the graphics card to correctly display the scene.

Additional technical information is available at the CINEBENCH technical page.

Cinebench has been comprehensively developed further to take full advantage of the performance of state-of-the-art hardware. CPU and OpenGL test results for Cinebench R15 can therefore not be compared to the results of previous versions! The algorithm used to calculate render results was fundamentally re-written and now delivers results in a different and clearly recognizable value range.

Cinebench is available immediately as a free download at the MAXON website.