Major Game Studio to Open in Miami
May 7, 2013

Major Game Studio to Open in Miami

MIAMI — Three industry veterans are seeking to bring the accessibility and widespread appeal of classic games from the 1990s to the mobile gaming medium. They plan to do this through SkyJoy Interactive, a new software development company.

The company has been co-founded by brothers Miguel and Alex Portilla, who have teamed up with entrepreneur, Abdulhady "Abboudi" Taher, to create the first multimillion-dollar Miami-based software development company. The company will focus on the casual and social games mobile market emphasizing the revered video games of their youth.

"We are building the company that we've always wanted to work for," said Abboudi Taher, Co-Founder and CEO of SkyJoy Interactive. "We aim to conceptualize, develop, and deliver innovative games and experiences with mass market appeal."

With more than 20 years of video game development experience Miguel and Alex Portilla, former founders of PoBros Inc, are proven industry leaders having worked on some of the biggest titles in the industry including Madden, Lord of the Rings and James Bond. The newly formed development company will build their game catalog based on the widespread appeal and simplicity of "classic" video game styling.

"Miami is the perfect location to create our vision," added Miguel Portilla, Co-Founder and Vice President of SkyJoy Interactive. "It's truly an international city with so much rich culture, there is no reason this shouldn't be a hot bed for video game development."

"SkyJoy Interactive will create their own world full of exciting original IP's," said Alex Portilla, Co-Founder and Vice President of SkyJoy Interactive. "We are inspired by nostalgia but really want to develop games with a broad consumer appeal, nothing confined to one gender or age group."

SkyJoy Interactive is an emerging, Miami-based software development company focused on casual and social games in the mobile market. With SkyJoy Interactive, founder Abboudi Taher followed his childhood dream of building a video game enterprise, and in late 2011, Taher approached industry veterans Alex & Miguel Portilla to actualize his vision. SkyJoy Interactive has since grown to a core team of 12 developers and will create their own IP with every game created from scratch. As they build their game catalog, the SkyJoy Interactive development team will emulate the widespread appeal and simplicity of revered video games from their youth. All three founding members migrated to Miami to accomplish their dreams and now aim to put Miami on the gaming industry map.