Giving Prince Andrew the 3D Royal Treatment
November 15, 2013

Giving Prince Andrew the 3D Royal Treatment

Artec 3D and its partners have used hand-held scanners for a wide range of applications – everything from World War Z film to the Brazilian Football team to fashion designers. As serendipity would have it – and given the public fascination with this technology – the opportunity presented itself to scan a member of the English Royal Family.

On a tour of Elstree Film and Television Studios, Britain's Prince Andrew got curious at all the hustle and bustle happening in the corner. Fascinated by the unusual process, he expressed an interest in trying it out himself. The Lifecast/Life 3D studio team quickly scanned him with an Artec Eva hand-held scanner.   

A minute later, a life-like, 3D digital copy was staring back at him from the computer screen.

Life3D (supplied by Artec's UK reseller Patrick Thorn & Co) provides high-profile scanning services used in film, TV, scientific and arts industries. The Life 3D team applies the latest cutting-edge scanning technologies to scan everything from museum artifacts to objects, sculptures to film stars. Scans made with the Artec Eva 3D scanner produce 100 percent accurate replicas, models and prototypes. Life 3D is based in the U.K.