Full Sail University Launches Four New Degree Programs
August 1, 2013

Full Sail University Launches Four New Degree Programs

WINTER PARK, FL — Full Sail University recently launched four new degree programs: the Business Intelligence Master of Science and the Mobile Gaming Master of Science, both of which are available online, and the Film Production Master of Fine Arts and the Software Development Bachelor of Science, offered on the university’s Winter Park, Florida, campus.

In the Mobile Gaming Master of Science online degree program students are immersed in the industry through a sequence of courses that directly relate to the roles and workflow found in a game studio - from concept development to advanced programming, QA testing, and deployment. Within this 12-month degree program, students expand on their programming skills focusing on the unique needs of mobile, while learning how to maximize the game experience by utilizing mobile technologies such as GPS to enhance multiplayer elements. Courses explore how game theory research can be applied to improve the player experience through interactivity, immersion, and engagement. Through a player-centered perspective, students examine research on the psychology of gaming, play patterns, and game place mechanics, with special attention given to motivation and learning processes.

The Film Production Master of Fine Arts degree program provides students with an advanced education in behind-the-scenes filmmaking, working in teams to complete multiple films and related projects. This 12-month educational experience is centered on expanding skill sets in areas such as storytelling, visual aesthetics, and technical roles, as well as the techniques and business strategies needed to bring completed works to audiences. Through project-based course content, students learn how to assess the viability of a film script, develop the planning required for film production, manage talent, and understand the legal and business considerations of filmmaking. Students develop advanced filmmaking skills in Full Sail's professional studios and facilities, and get hands-on experience with industry equipment, software and technology while building a graduate-level portfolio to showcase their talents.

In the 21-month Software Development Bachelor's degree program students explore the design, development, and implementation of various software-based solutions and products for business, entertainment, and consumer markets. The courses help students develop a comprehensive understanding of topics including programming languages andskills, software design skills, and various software development methodologies. Students work alongside their peers as they create and develop real applications -while learning about the different needs of small programming projects and large-enterprise software-systems projects.

The 12-month Business Intelligence Master of Science online degree program provides students with graduate-level instruction that develops the technical, business, and analytic competencies necessary to inform effective organizational decision-making. Graduate courses in data management, qualitative analysis, and business intelligence technologies introduce core knowledge and skills through a series of interconnected learning experiences. Students further develop key technical and analytical skills in courses that address topics such as data mining methodologies, pattern recognition and analysis, and process modeling. As they complete the program, students will refine their critical thinking and communication skills by examining a variety of real-world business challenges through advanced lessons in data visualization, creative reporting, case studies, project management, and leadership development.

"We are excited to announce this recent expansion to our degree program offerings," said Garry Jones, President of Full Sail University. "As the entertainment, media and technology industries continue to advance, we have recognized the need for skilled individuals in each of these respective fields, and have built programs to educate, engage and prepare our graduates for future-focused career opportunities."

Full Sail University is an award-winning educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment and media industry.