Former Mill Crew Forms New Facility, Milk
June 4, 2013

Former Mill Crew Forms New Facility, Milk

Got VFX? A new London boutique visual effects company, Milk, sure does.

Founded by former members of the senior management and creative time at The Mill, Milk boasts a number of award-winning VFX supervisors and producers. The team has numerous attention-getting credits for its CG work among its members, including those for television (Doctor Who, Ice Age Giants, Sinbad, Skins, Sherlock, and Merlin)and feature film ( Snow White and the Huntsman, Les Miserables, and Dredd 3D). 

As such, the new studio will specialize in complex 3D effects and character animation for both TV and feature films. Work has already started on the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who (BBC) and  Sherlock: Series Three. 

Among Milk's founders and owners are: Will Cohen (CEO/producer), Nick Drew (managing director/executive producer), Jean-Claude Deguara and Nico Hernandez (VFX supervisors and joint heads of 3D), Sara Bennett (VFX supervisor and head of 2D), and VFX Supervisor Murray Barber. 

Milk is based in Fitzrovia and has the capacity for 100 artist seats.