Dinosaurs, Penguins and Gnomes Enabled By the Magic of Tippett and Hitachi Data Systems
September 12, 2013

Dinosaurs, Penguins and Gnomes Enabled By the Magic of Tippett and Hitachi Data Systems

SANTA CLARA, CA — Ever wanted to have your mother-in-law chased by a T.rex? Your co-worker eyed by a hungry dragon? Now you can with Tippett Studio's new Efexio Effects Marketplace, whose HD animations are powered by the latest Hitachi NAS Platform.

The Tippett Creature Shop available on the Efexio Effects Marketplace is exclusively created on the Hitachi NAS Platform. It is a free iOS app (Mac OS and Microsoft Windows available this week) that includes a special effects marketplace for animation. The Tippett Creature Shop store is exclusively accessible within the app and features more than 65 original animations. 

"The unique, high performance architecture of Hitachi NAS Platform allows us to create the many images available in the Tippett Creature Shop and make them available to consumers at a moment's notice," said Sanjay Das, Chief Operating Officer, Tippett Studio. "We have seen the most imaginative things come from using the Efexio app and are excited by the possibility of what customers will continue to do with our creatures. The Hitachi HNAS platform enables faster renders for Tippett, due to the unique field programmable fate arrays (FPGA) technology. HNAS storage separates the metadata from the file data and accelerates media workflow completion for Tippett. Expectations are very high, so we have to push the limitations of our technology in order to continue innovating at the highest levels. Hitachi NAS Platform allows us to do that over and over again."

 "Efexio is the future of consumer movie editing," said Dwight DeClouette, vice president, worldwide communications, media and entertainment, Hitachi Data Systems. "Tippett Studio took its world-renowned work and made it available to the everyday consumer at prices anyone can afford. We are thrilled to continue the collaboration with Tippett Studio and look forward to supporting them as they expand into this new marketplace."

 Using dinosaurs, penguins, gnomes and other available animated items, users can download the Tippett-created animations of their choice and put multiple characters in their personal videos or photos. One animation per month will be available free of charge, and the rest can be purchased for $1.99 for standard definition and up to $9.99 for high definition. Users retain full rights to the images they purchase.