Digital-Tutors Opens Nominations to Bring Training Access to a Deserving School
March 8, 2013

Digital-Tutors Opens Nominations to Bring Training Access to a Deserving School

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Digital-Tutors has opened nominations to bring training access to a deserving school. Digital-Tutors School Group Accounts are helping students at schools and universities all around the world prepare for graduation and become tomorrow's creative professionals.

By nominating a school, students and instructors can help bring Digital-Tutors training to their school.

Digital-Tutors School Group Accounts enjoy access to the entire training library, shared training access for every student with floating seats, all project files, a custom group portal, reports and analytics, and more.

Training access helps students learn the technical skills, techniques and professional workflows to help prepare them for industries that demand perfection. With training access, instructors can focus more on the creative aspects while assigning technical training, meet the needs of every students' skill level and give students a trusted training resource.

Instructors, students and fellow artists can nominate a school in less than 5 minutes. The winning school will receive a Digital-Tutors Group Account with a year of access and five floating seats.

Digital-Tutors roots are grounded in teaching and dedicated to bringing the best learning experience to students and instructors.

This week also kicks off the second annual CG and VFX Instructor of the Year Award that recognizes passionate instructors helping students reach their creative dreams.

The 2013 CG & VFX Instructor of the Year is nominated by students at schools with Digital-Tutors Group Accounts, and looks to build on the inaugural award which featured over 70 nominations for instructors from the US to Australia. Winning instructors are recognized by Digital-Tutors and are welcomed to our headquarters for workshops with tutors and the entire Digital-Tutors team.