Bunkspeed 2014 Products Offer Live Integration with Lightmap HDR Light Studio
October 15, 2013

Bunkspeed 2014 Products Offer Live Integration with Lightmap HDR Light Studio

Users of Bunkspeed Shot, Pro and Drive can now enjoy out-of-the-box live integration with Lightmap’s HDR Light Studio software for the live creation and editing of HDRI maps with instant feedback in the render view. The partnership enables users to enhance their design visualization with accurate lighting.

Lightmap and Bunkspeed have worked closely to develop a tight integration that provides seamless new lighting features for Bunkspeed users. For example, placing lights in the shot is as simple as clicking on the model in the render view. The feature is called LightPaint, and it's a fast, intuitive way to light a CG image. Users can create multiple HDR Light Studio environments in Bunkspeed and hot swap between them for comparison and further editing. Any existing HDR or EXR environment can also be edited in HDR Light Studio. The new integration is so simple to use, yet provides a very powerful lighting tool kit and includes photographic captures of a wide range of studio light sources that bring added realism to renders with subtle details seen in reflections.

Mark Segasby, CEO of Lightmap, says, "The way Bunkspeed works allows multiple HDR Light Studio environments in a single scene so users can try out a wide range of lighting designs and switch between them with ease. All HDR Light Studio lighting projects are embedded in the Bunkspeed project, so for the end user, they just light the shot and don't worry about the technicalities."

Main HDR Light Studio features for Bunkspeed users include:

  • Non-destructive, interactive HDRI map creation and editing
  • Live connection between HDR Light Studio and Bunkspeed
  • LightPaint - Point and click light source positioning and selection in Bunkspeed
  • Highly controllable procedural light sources
  • Enhance existing HDRI maps via localized adjustments to color, exposure and saturation
  • Augment existing HDRI maps with additional light sources
  • Create multiple HDR Light Studio environment designs within a single Bunkspeed scene
  • HDR Light Studio lighting project embedded in the Bunkspeed scene
  • Library of HDR lights, including HDR captures of studio light sources
  • Layered lighting system with blend modes