Animation Mentor Offers AMP Studio Production Pipeline
January 15, 2013

Animation Mentor Offers AMP Studio Production Pipeline

EMERYVILLE, CA – Animation Mentor, a state-of-the-art online animation and VFX school, has announced the AMP studio production pipeline — the first-of-its-kind, fully distributed production pipeline — and the addition of a VFX curriculum and restructured Animation Program. These offerings teach the skill set that studios seek: the ability to professionally collaborate and apply studio best practice workflows within a studio production pipeline and across multiple disciplines.
The AMP Studio Production Pipeline and the Studio Learning Platform

Animation Mentor was the first to bring animation education online. Today, the school brings the first fully distributed production pipeline within a studio school setting online. Starting with the Spring 2013 term, Animation Mentor students will train on a professional production pipeline similar to those used by studios worldwide. At the heart of this new instructional design is the state-of-the-art, patent-pending AMP studio production pipeline. 

The AMP pipeline is a professional-grade distributed asset and shot management tool that allows students to collaborate with other Animation Mentor students around the globe to produce finished films and sequences under the direction of their mentor. The education takes place on the school’s Studio Learning Platform — a series of proprietary tools that work together to provide students with the real experience of working on a studio production. 

Animation Fundamentals and Production Tracks

Students enroll in Animation Fundamentals, a series of four classes that introduces them to the basics of production animation. Once completed, students can then continue their education and enroll in two new advanced disciplines — the Character Animation Production Track and the Animal and Creature Animation Production Track — to develop the professional-level production experience that prepares them to excel in the industry workforce.

VFX Fundamentals and Production Tracks

VFX Fundamentals — comprising three classes and developed with major studio partners to meet industry production needs — are designed to teach production CG, look development, lighting, and compositing basics. The new offerings begin with the Summer 2013 terms, with CG- and VFX-specific production tracks available in 2014. 

Industry professional lighters and compositors from major studios and production houses — including Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Weta Digital, and Industrial Light & Magic — have worked closely with Animation Mentor on the VFX curriculum. Animation Mentor has also partnered with leading software developers (Autodesk, Inc., The Foundry, and Solid Angle), character riggers (CG Monks), and VFX media partners (fxphd).

Animation Mentor offers reduced pricing and shorter program lengths (formerly six classes, now four) to provide students with better access and options. The school further offers new intermediate characters starting in the Spring 2013 term, a new advanced character in the Fall 2013 term, a simplified grading system, new loan options, and monthly payment plans.

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