ANSYS Releases New Version Of Flagship Products
December 4, 2013

ANSYS Releases New Version Of Flagship Products

PITTSBURGH — ANSYS has announced the availability of its leading engineering simulation solution, ANSYS 15.0, providing new, unique capabilities and enhancements that offer the most advanced approach to guide and optimize product designs.

ANSYS 15.0 delivers major advancements across the entire portfolio, including structures, fluids and electromagnetics. In addition, this enhanced version enables complete multiphysics workflows for leading simulation practices.

Highlights for structures in this release include giving users greater insight into simulating composites. Enhancements to the fluids portfolio features the capability for studying turbomachinery flow paths with greater fidelity than ever, while in electromagnetics, ANSYS 15.0 offers the most comprehensive electric motor design process.

The release enhances ANSYS's industry-leading pre-processing capabilities, enabling users to quickly and accurately mesh the widest range of model size and complexity regardless of type of physics simulated. ANSYS 15.0 also builds on the company's global leadership in high-performance computing (HPC), speeding up already best-in-class performance by a factor of five.

"ANSYS 15.0 builds upon our four decades of leadership in engineering simulation software," said Walid Abu-Hadba, ANSYS chief product officer. "We've made dramatic upgrades in each of the key physics areas through performance improvements and the introduction of new solver capabilities. We continue to extend our leadership in simulation through such innovations as our adjoint solver, HPC scalability and efficient simulation modeling from the micron to the full system."

Structural Analysis: Advanced Materials Systems Design

The release extends ANSYS's advanced solution for evaluating product performance of composites materials, which are often used to improve fuel efficiency by reducing weight. Simulating composites can require large mathematical solutions. To reduce overall computation time, ANSYS 15.0 facilitates submodeling techniques in the pre-processing workflow so users can create high-fidelity local results while employing a coarser model globally.

ANSYS 15.0 also introduces a new multiphysics approach to composites simulation to optimize wireless design and thermal management. Users define spatially dependent material properties for electromagnetic simulation and then couple those results to the structural analysis.

Fluid Dynamics: Turbomachinery Flow Path Solutions

Turbomachinery developers are under tremendous pressure to improve efficiency and reliability. ANSYS 15.0 delivers the ideal high-fidelity solution for flow, thermal, stress and dynamics across a broad range of conditions and physical phenomena.

Electromagnetics: Electric Motor and Drive Design Methodology

ANSYS 15.0 advances the already-leading motor and drive design solution offered through ANSYS Maxwell and ANSYS Simplorer by extending integration into other physics. This advanced solution enables engineers to quickly explore design alternatives, detect fault conditions, integrate electric machines with power electronic drives and validate control software. This end-to-end solution ensures optimized, power efficient motor and drive designs. New highlights include: A new force-coupling capability between low-frequency electromagnetics (Maxwell) and structural (Mechanical) tools for acoustics analysis, delivering the insight to minimize noise in electric motors and other machines

Streamlined Pre-processing

ANSYS delivers pre-processing capabilities in each new release that automate simulation model setup while still providing flexibility to address application-specific requirements through manual methods. Much of this is enabled through the most complete set of meshing technologies, ensuring that users can robustly mesh the widest range of engineering applications. Incorporating the ANSYS Workbench platform, which provides an integrated workflow modeling paradigm across all physics, enables almost any problem to be set up in a single environment for achieving the best application-specific mesh possible.

Extensive setup time can be a deterrent to applying simulation technology and fully realizing its benefits. ANSYS 15.0 includes many solutions for pre-processing automation and robustness, helping users perform simulation more efficiently, follow best practices, and, ultimately, arrive at results and engineering decisions significantly faster.

HPC Scalability

ANSYS continues the tradition of HPC leadership with this latest release, reaffirming a commitment to software development that leverages the latest hardware computing technologies, no matter the physics discipline. ANSYS 15.0 delivers important new capabilities for HPC job management and remote access to simulation, supporting the trend toward scaled-up data center-based deployment of simulation.

The latest release leverages the power of modern high-performance computing hardware and software technologies to provide solutions for large models in a compressed timeframe.