3D Systems Unveils Next-Gen Full-Color 3D Printers
April 23, 2013

3D Systems Unveils Next-Gen Full-Color 3D Printers

ROCK HILL, SC ­ 3D Systems is now offering its new ProJet x60 series of full-color 3D printers with the ability to print 90 percent of the colors available in Adobe Photoshop and new VisiJet PXL materials utilizing 3D Systems' exclusive ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology.

Feature-rich, the ProJet x60 offers enhanced functionality, utility and productivity. Built on the proven ZPrinter platform, the ProJet x60 extenda 3D Systems' range of addressable applications. From striking architectural white to photorealistic pastels and bold vibrant color, the printed parts communicate design intent quickly and affordably. And the new ProJet x60 professional printers offer new levels of productivity with faster print mode options, improved user convenience with mobile connectivity using tablet computers and smartphones, and more coloring and file preparation software tools.

There are six new ProJet printer models:

  • ProJet 160 ­ compact size, most affordable monochrome printing
  • ProJet 260C ­ compact size, most affordable full color 3D printer available
  • ProJet 360 ­ medium size, monochrome printing affordability
  • ProJet 460Plus ­ medium size, high-quality full color printing
  • ProJet 660Pro ­ large format, premium-quality full color printing
  • ProJet 860Pro ­ super-large format, premium-quality full color
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"These color printers embody 3D Systems' commitment to democratize access to powerful and affordable 3D printing solutions for professionals, educators and consumers, alike," said Michele Marchesan, Vice President and General Manager, Personal and Professional Printers for 3D Systems.