3D Systems Releases Geomagic Designer Packages
April 25, 2013

3D Systems Releases Geomagic Designer Packages

ROCK HILL, SC — 3D Systems has made available the Geomagic Designer software packages for creation of freeform and mechanical 3D designs that are perfectly tuned for instant 3D printing.

The Geomagic Designer Packages come in three levels: Core Designer, Advanced Designer and Expert Designer. Combining sculpting and solid modeling, each Designer Package incorporates Geomagic Design, parametric CAD software, with Geomagic Freeform, voxel modeling tools, to enable powerful, flexible and printable 3D design.

"These software tools reinvent the engineer's desktop, empowering designers to create without limitations," said Ping Fu, Chief Strategy Officer for 3D Systems. "Now customers can access the intuitive tools they need to create complex, manufacturable designs and 3D print them instantly."

The Core Designer Package includes Geomagic Design parametric CAD solution, Geomagic Claytools for clay-style sculpting in 3D and a Geomagic Phantom Omni haptic device that delivers touch-based modeling.

The Advanced Designer Package includes Geomagic Design, Geomagic Freeform, a more advanced sculpting and voxel design solution, and a Phantom Omni haptic device.

The Expert Design Package includes Geomagic Design, Geomagic Freeform Plus, the most powerful sculpting, voxel design for manufacturing module, and a Geomagic Phantom Desktop haptic device, delivering greater accuracy, freedom of movement and control.

Each package is priced and tuned to meet the needs of our broad spectrum of users. The Core Designer package is ideal for the intricate sculpting and design of small pieces for 3D printing, such as jewelry, whereas the high-end Expert Design Package provides the ultimate in modeling flexibility and manufacturability.