Wacom Delivers Intuos5 Line Of Tablets
Marc Loftus
March 2, 2012

Wacom Delivers Intuos5 Line Of Tablets

VANCOUVER, WA — Wacom (www.wacom.com) has introduced the Intuos5 line up of pen and tablets. The Intuos 5 line includes small, medium and large models and features multi-touch technology that allows users to interact with the tablet either through the use of the included pen, or via finger touches.
Multi-touch allows artists to work with both hands (though not simultaneously). Once the pen is pulled back from proximity with the tablet the touch features are activated, allowing users to scroll, zoom, rotates, etc. A number of gestures are pre-programmed and users can also customize their set up.

The ExpressKeys on the Intuos5 line are all seamless. The user does not have to take their eyes off the monitor to see which key is selected. Instead, a head-up display known as Express View alerts them on the screen itself.

The included pen offers 2,048 levels of sensitivity and comes with 10 different nibs, an erasure, and a stand.

Pricing for the Intuos5 line is $229 (small), $349 (medium) and $469 (large). For an extra $39, pros can purchase an RF module that provides wireless connectivity to the unit from a workstation or laptop.