Thunderbird Films Distributing 3D 'Maya The Bee'
May 8, 2012

Thunderbird Films Distributing 3D 'Maya The Bee'

VANCOUVER — Thunderbird Films, the independent multiplatform media production, distribution and rights management company, has been selected by Studio 100, the Flemish children’s television production company, to distribute its new, 3D animated adventure series Maya the Bee into Canada and to help the producer with US sales.
The series consists of 78 13-minute episodes, all produced in high definition. The property, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, is based on the German book of the same name and has had a rich history of success with multiple books, a successful TV series and an extensive merchandising program.
“Maya the Bee is representative of the strongly branded programming that Thunderbird can help bring to the North American marketplace,” says Jeffrey Engelen, Thunderbird’s newly named distribution chief. “We’re pleased to be collaborating with Studio 100 on how best to introduce this new incarnation of Maya the Bee, especially with the rich history and brand equity that has been developed over the past 100 years. We’re looking to work with Studio 100 on leveraging this evergreen brand and its loyal family fans into viewers for the new Maya the Bee 3D HD animated series.  We want to ensure that both long-standing fans and those new to the brand will be equally engaged and entertained.”
“Thunderbird Films has extensive relationships with children’s networks throughout North America and an enthusiasm for this project that will drive its success,” adds Patrick Elmendorff, managing director of Studio 100 Media. 
Maya the Bee is a fun-filled 3D animated adventure TV series for the five to seven year-old audience. Maya has left her hive to discover the beauty and mysteries of the outside world.  As she explores, she meets other insect friends, plays and shares adventures with her friends. Maya the Bee reinforces children’s natural curiosity and their desire to experience the world around them, while imparting lessons in being generous, caring and always ready to help family and friends. 
The new 3D Maya the Bee is produced by Studio 100 Animation SAS in association with TF1 and ZDF.  Directed by Daniel Duda, its writing bible was crafted by Delphine Maury and Christophe Erbes and its graphic bible designed by Jan Van Rijsselberge.