There Bases Business Around Digital Sets
February 1, 2012

There Bases Business Around Digital Sets

NEW YORK — Production veterans Elliott and Taylor Jobe have launched There (, a new digital production company specializing in the capture and seamless compositing of digital sets with greenscreen production. The pair bring together 15 years experience in VFX and production. The goal of There is to provide an alternative to traditional location-based production.
“With digital sets we can give our clients access and control of lighting so it’s Magic Hour all day,” explains Elliott Jobe, who draws from an extensive background as a VFX supervisor/lead 2D artist in film, TV, music videos and commercials. “There offers another solution besides traditional VFX that also results in a big production and great production value,” he continues. “We combine onset technology with digital sets using assets we capture or create, as well as existing assets we repurpose.”

There’s recent work includes commercials for Virgin America, featuring the interior of a plane, and Crystal Geyser, featuring a modern kitchen, respectively. The company also worked on a “Rock Center” promo with Brian Williams that features digital sets for seven floors of Rockefeller Center-based productions.

Taylor Jobe serves as business development director, overseeing day-to-day business operations and business development. He also focuses on adapting evolving technology to the creative process. He and Elliot co-founded Dieselfx, which specialized in integrated offerings such as print, interactive, production, design, VFX and content direction.