Super 78 Scores VES Nomination
January 19, 2012

Super 78 Scores VES Nomination

HOLLYWOOD — A film by Super 78 Studios for a brand new attraction that brings its audience face to face with the forces of a Southern Pacific Typhoon scored a nomination from the Visual Effects Society for a VES Award.

Super 78 Studio’s Typhoon 360, the feature attraction at the new Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium in Singapore, netted a nomination in the “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue” category and will compete with Disney’s “Star Tours Revamp” and Universal’s “Transformers” for the coveted award next month.  


Filming for Typhoon 360, which features state-of-the art, realtime effects including robotic, and high-resolution projections, required the meticulous integration of practical set pieces, lighting, projection mapping, and included 60 different shots for the six-minute film.  And, it was produced at just a fraction of the cost of its big-budget competitors.

“We’re quite proud that a low-cost and technologically-stunning venture like Typhoon 360 measures up to the same standards and level of performance of deep-pocket projects from Disney and Universal,” said Brent Young, CCO and Creative Director for Super 78 Studios, and Co-Writer, Director and Visual Effects Supervisor for Typhoon 360.

Listed on the nomination with Young are Peter Crossman - VFX Producer, Michael "Oz" Smith - Technical Director, and Seungyong Lee - Visual Effects Supervisor.

It’s the second consecutive year a Super 78-produced film has been nominated for a VES award. The firm’s work on “Flight of the Dragon,” a popular Flying Experience attraction at one of China’s largest theme parks, was nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue in 2011, and Super 78 also was previously nominated for its work on the Busch Gardens’ “Curse of Darkastle”, and for a VES television award for the creation of Ben 10 for the Cartoon Network.

The 10th annual VES Awards winners will be announced Tuesday, February 7 at a ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.