Super 78 In Pre-Production Of 'Mido Dino'
May 2, 2012

Super 78 In Pre-Production Of 'Mido Dino'

LOS ANGELES — Super 78 Studios ( is producing an animated feature for release in both the U.S. and China in late 2013. China Dinosaur Land, one of China’s largest and most popular theme parks, has partnered with the LA-based creative design and production company to co-produce the film while developing the concept for an attraction that will be built in the park. 
Mido Dino is a family animated feature in a magical world where dinosaurs and humans live together. 

“Working with Super 78, we’re confident we can establish Mido Dino as a well-known, international brand,” said Horus Tsai, creative producer, Changzhou Dinosaur Land. 
Tsai said that in addition to the film and theme park attraction, his organization is also looking to extend the Mido Dino franchise through the creation of a TV series as well as pursue mobile game platforms, stage performances, and other potential branded products.

“We’ve enjoyed our partnership with China Dinosaur Land and admire the innovative strategy they’re using to optimize their creative investment by simultaneously developing a film and attraction,” said Brent Young, chief creative officer for Super 78. 
In addition to a film and theme park attraction, development of a Mido Dino interactive game and children's book are also in the works.

“It’s very refreshing to work with a partner who thinks big picture and explores multiple platforms they can consider to fully leverage their story,” said Dina Benadon, Super 78 CEO, and vice chair of the Producers Guild of America’s New Media Council.  “This is something the Producers Guild of America has been actively promoting and I really believe this is the wave of the future for our industry.”

Launched in 1997, Super 78 is a new media production studio that develops award-winning branded entertainment and educational experiences for the most admired theme parks, attractions and museums around the world including SeaWorld, Universal-Singapore, Busch Gardens, and the Happy Valley Theme Park in Shanghai.