'Skyscraper Village' wins Fall ArchitectsJURY competition
February 27, 2012

'Skyscraper Village' wins Fall ArchitectsJURY competition

BUDAPEST — Brendan Bakker, a graduate student at the Technical University of Delft in The Netherlands, won an iMac for his entry, Skyscraper Village, in the 2011 Fall ArchitectsJURY (www.architectsjury.com) competition. Designed using ArchiCAD, Skyscraper Village is based on the design and research of a city that supplies its own food. The building would function as a self-sufficient city, and would also consist of parks, open areas, dwellings, offices, and industrial areas.
The goal of the building design was to create the feeling of being in a city. Bakker designed multiple routes to get from one place in the building to another, just as one might take different routes to the same destination in a city. The four towers that make up the design are connected to each other with bridges and platforms in an effort to maximize the use of natural light. 

“ArchiCAD allows me to design detailed engineering drawings on a very high level, while giving me the creative freedom I need,” he notes. 

A native of Voorschoten, Bakker is now living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He studied engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, specializing in architecture and the built environment.  He is currently working on his Master’s degree in Architecture at the Technical University of Delft, which he expects to complete in 2013.

The ArchitectsJURY competition is aimed at finding the best architectural student work, as judged by visitors to www.ArchitectsJURY.com.