RingSide Creative Adds Quantel's Pablo PA
April 4, 2012

RingSide Creative Adds Quantel's Pablo PA

DETROIT — RingSide Creative has purchased Quantel’s conform, preparation and workflow software, Pablo PA, to get the maximum value out of its high-end eQ, iQ and Pablo suites. By handling time consuming conforms with Pablo PA, RingSide’s main suites will be able to concentrate on purely client-focused work, speeding up the post process. RingSide Creative delivers interactive video and audio branding services to the advertising, entertainment and broadcast industries.
“Detroit has always been recognized as a centre for prominent creative talent and agencies. Now that the industry is expanding again, we can make great investments to sustain our future as a leading creative agency,” said Steve Wild, CEO at RingSide Creative.

RingSide Creative Chief Technical Officer, Sam Marrocco adds, “Pablo PA will add to our growth. It will save us huge amounts of time and speed up our workflow process significantly. We can now base our workflow around Pablo PA, ensuring our clients make the most of their time in the high end suites.”

Senior Editor, Jeff Fleck said, “We’ve relied on Quantel for its absolutely dependable performance over the years, and now look to its versatility in dealing with the wide variety of formats that we are seeing on a daily basis. Pablo PA hit the ground running at RingSide. It has been working on new labels for a brand that we’ve been finishing on Quantel eQ and iQ for the past decade, utilizing data that has been carefully stored and indexed over the years. Instead of retrieving scenes from videotapes, archives containing carefully manipulated images were restored and imported to Pablo PA so that we could craft new packages from the old ones, duplicating light and color correction Pablo PA faithfully recreated these images.

“We have also put the PA to work on a series of web videos for the new Corvette, assembled from a wide range of materials captured on Phantom, Canon 5D, Go Pro, Red Mysterium and stills. Conforms were sent to be color corrected on the facility’s iQ’s and quickly returned to the PA for final tweaks and supers. Pablo PA has also assembled and finished a couple of national Jeep commercials in between these assignments, one of which involved removing rain from a night shot in LA.

“Pablo PA is not limited in its ability to import large files, volume, frame size and bit depth included, so the important decision about how to transfer projects to other systems can be made as a complete project is evaluated. It is important to keep data as intact as possible while a project moves through a facility.  Quantel color correction is top-notch; it is our primary color correction system and we anticipate that Pablo PA will be our bridge to future technical challenges. Pablo will be a consideration for all our projects, but its priorities will always point to the most challenging of our work,” concludes Jeff Fleck.

“Quantel is right for me because of its efficiency in fixing all kinds of shot problems, from color correction issues to removing unwanted objects in the scene. It’s so easy to output to any tape or file format that the client needs,” said Senior Editor Larry Puskar.

DI Colorist, Rick Unger said, “I have used Pablo PA on the recent Leo Burnett GMC Terrain advert, “Geocaching”, which was shot on Red Epic, Alexa and Canon 5D. Pablo made it easy to conform R3D files and bringing in QuickTime files from the Canon 5D was a breeze. The conform of the 60 second version took about two minutes, all frame accurate to the offline. If the timings needed to be tweaked, there was no problem. I love the fact Pablo gives me the ability to color grade multiple video timelines all stacked on top of each other. Its color tools are awesome, and can change the mood of a scene from day to night if needed. The Geocache spot required me to key hot light sources and adjust levels of brightness as required. The Pablo handled all this effortlessly. When a client asks ‘Can I do this to my shot and make it look how I want?’ with Pablo, my answer is always yes.”