Pixologic To Release ZBrush 4R3
February 24, 2012

Pixologic To Release ZBrush 4R3

LOS ANGELES — Pixologic (www.pixologic.com) has plans to release ZBrush 4R3 on Tuesday, February 28. The release comes only a month after the company released ZBrush 4R2b which features enhanced BPR capabilities, and new features such as FiberMesh and MicroMesh.
Significant advancements have been made to the FiberMesh settings provide users with greater control and flexibility. Curve modifiers have now been added to a number of FiberMesh settings including: Length, Coverage, Gravity and Color Profile. Revolve has also been added as a new setting. Textures applied to FiberMesh and MicroMesh objects can now be transparent allowing greater diversity in their use. FiberMesh settings can now be saved and loaded as needed. In addition, various FiberMesh presets will ship with ZBrush 4R3. These presets can be pre-viewed in Lightbox, as well as modified and shared amongst ZBrush artists. 

ZBrush 4R3 will export both 16-bit and 32-bit Vector Displacement maps, providing users with a powerful and easy way to export sculpted details to other programs for rendering. 

Artists can also now convert MicroMesh and FiberMesh renders into actual geometry with a single click. The resulting geometry can be further edited. With the additions of the dot preview and Spin Edge features, users can control the direction of any MicroMesh before rendering or converting into geometry for future edits.

The new NoiseMaker plug-in will allows users to create a wide variety of noise and patterns. The included plug-in fearures over 25 parametric generators and the ability to work in both 3D and UV mode. NoiseMaker will now use interpolated masking per polygon for an accurate display of noise and patterns even on lower polygon meshes. 

Interface enhancements have also been introduced with the new release. Sub-palette sections will allow users to control the length of each sub-palette by collapsing or un-collapsing sub-sections. 

ZBrush 4R3 will include a new Web-enabled update feature. Users can easily gain access to check if new updates or plug-ins are available from Pixologic. 

Following the release of 4R3 we will also be making an update available for floating license sites.